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Nasturtium salad with prawn & avocado

This past weekend I hosted a dinner party.  I wasn’t initially planning to serve a started because my main course of braised beef in a rich ale and mushrooms sauce was quite heavy, however I was struck by inspiration and I just had to make this dish!  I deliberately kept the portion very small - just a taster of interesting flavours to come.

I am actually growing nasturtiums here there and everywhere in my garden to flush out the bugs and caterpillars, not really to eat.  My mother used to force feed them to us as children to stave off a sore throat or cold - I remember disliking the taste very intensely and as a result I have never tried them since.  I am not sure what motivated me to stick one in my mouth last week but I am thrilled I did… delicious!  My taste buds have definitely changed over the years - some of my favourite foods now are vegetables I could not tolerate as a child.

Back to my starter.  

To make this dish I first marinated the prawns in finely chopped lemon balm, French parsley, wet/green garlic, lemon juice and olive oil.  I finely sliced nasturtium leaves and lettuce leaves (50/50 ratio) and also threw in a few flowers and more chopped French parsley for good measure.  I dressed the leaves with a splash of olive oil and lemon juice.

I constructed the dish by making a little mound with the salad mixture and topped it off with a few slices of raw yellow courgette, a few slices of Hass avocado (South African is always best) and the prawns.  I decorated the plate with baby nasturtium leaves, fresh garden peas and a nasturtium flower.  If I had a squeezy bottle I might have tried to do little twirl of dressing around the plate but alas I don’t own one.


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