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Her Majesty the Queen’s diamond jubilee - street parties for the commoners!

A few weeks ago a note was posted through our letterbox advising us that our street will be closed off for a day this coming summer for a street party to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee.  Interested parties were invited to attend a planning meeting at the local pub.

The meeting turned out to be good fun and it was a great opportunity for us to meet many of our neighbours, particularly as we only recently moved to the area from London and only know a handful of locals.  This kind of event is an ideal way to bring together communities and to get people talking to one another, something Londoners don’t do very often!

We are all meeting up again at the end of the month to further discuss arrangements such as catering, music and bunting!  I am planning to decorate our porch with home-made British regalia and I intend to bake some British-inspired cupcakes, photos of which I will share on this blog after the event.  I will probably lay on some South African food (i.e. braai) for my guests, however the Council won’t allow BBQs on the street so I will have to sneak some in from our back garden.

I love being British - long live our noble Queen!

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